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General Guidelines

Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program

If your wetland is funded in part or in full by an easement or a cost share program, you will have likely entered into a contractual agreement with that program. This contract will state what you can and cannot do with your wetland. While individual programs have their own sets of rules, general guidelines are described below.

Wetland Duration

The period over which your restored wetland must remain a wetland can vary. While cost share programs often require 15- to 30-year commitments, conservation easements require land to remain a wetland forever.


Many programs will allow waterfowl hunting within the boundaries of your restored wetland.


Some programs require you to refrain from tilling soil, growing crops or engaging in other agricultural activities within the boundaries of your restored wetland. Other programs will allow you to plant millet or other supplemental crops that would improve soil moisture.

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