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Types of Wetlands

Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program

Tidal Wetlands

Tidal wetlands can be found along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and those rivers and streams that are influenced by the changing tide. As the tide flows in, these wetlands are flooded with water. As the tide flows out, this water drains away.

A tidal wetland near the mouth of the Elk River. (Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)

Non-tidal Wetlands

Non-tidal wetlands can be found in and along freshwater creeks, streams, ponds and lakes. These wetlands can also be found in upland areas, particularly in depressions or between streams. Non-tidal wetlands make up 86 percent of the wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

A non-tidal wetland on a farm in Maryland. (Photo by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program)
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